lunes, 15 de febrero de 2010

Sick Muse Backstage

Backstage de la foto "Sick Muse" por Yiste

El Nombre de la foto fue inrpirado en la cancion de Metric.


Backstage of the photo "Sick Muse" by Yiste

The Name of the Photo was inspirated by the Metric's Song

Puke and Pig

Lovely and mistic smoke pig!!
Remind me the elephants of Dumbo's movie when hes in drugs....

Sick Muse

Model: Mocka Mic

What do you think about?

1 comentario:

Haikal Noyes dijo...

i love your use of color!
so onderful straight in the face and strong.

especially in this one.
this purple and black give the pictures a very royal touch. i'd call it modern baroque.

and i prefer the second picture. his somewhat innocent look in the face, combined with that dramatic blood, and the leather jacket make him a sweet devil.

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